Established in 2021 from a bright vision, Army Public School, Defence Complex, Islamabad; is committed to provide academic excellence by nurturing the personal and intellectual development of its students.  The School offers a high quality education through professional and dedicated teaching staff.  

We offer the students a supportive and thriving environment where every child is recognized as an individual and encouraged to be self-confident and high achiever. We do not only offer an inspiring and creative curriculum but strive hard to integrate academic learning with social interaction; physical activity and aesthetic excellence which stimulates creativity.  

The faculty consists of qualified and well- trained teachers, having collaborative relationship with the students to create a conducive learning environment. We are committed for the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social development of our students in pursuit of academic excellence. Due emphasis is laid on grooming and personality development, through well orchestrated programmes of “Insaniyat” (انسانیت) & “Paksitaniat” ( پاکستانیت).             

Wishing all our students a promising future ahead!

Major General Muhammad Asim Iqbal  


Board of Directors