Junior Wing APS-DCI

We inspire values and life skills by promoting pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and embedding our four core values throughout, every aspect of our school life.

These are: Curiosity, Courage ,Integrity, Pride

We inspire and motivate all pupils to become successful, confident and caring citizens of our diverse world. We broaden the development and interest of student and address their emotional, physical, cognitive and social needs through a variety of activities.

In our junior school we provide instructions in the fundamental skills of reading, writing and Mathematics as well as Social Studies, crafts, music, Science, Art and physical education. Activity based teaching is focused which enhances confidence and up to the mark standards of education. Our curriculum creates the framework Around which all of the interactions, activities and experiences both planned and unplanned occur.

Special emphasis is given on spoken English in our system. Exam marks are not the only way to determine the student ability. Our dedicated Teachers cooperate practical activities into their lesson plans, to develop child’s imagination, ability to communicate and express ideas and feelings. We provide children with a thorough foundation of numeracy and a strong base for Urdu.