Beyond just being a date on the calendar, Independence Day has greater meaning. It’s a joyful occasion filled to the brim with enthusiasm. In order to highlight the historical and cultural significance of this day, APS-DCI made sure that each student and teacher felt a sense of belonging to the festivities.

The 76th anniversary of Independence was honored with fervor and passion. Chiragan night was observed on August 13th, both students and teachers took part with great enthusiasm. Students cheered the audience with singing national songs and heartfelt performances.

Flag-hoisting ceremony was held on August 14th. Patron board of directors Maj Gen Muhammad Asim Iqbal, was in attendance as the esteemed guest of honor. In a poignant moment, he hoisted the national flag, a powerful emblem of our nation’s unity, freedom, and enduring spirit. Amplifying the atmosphere of patriotism, the school’s children passionately belted out national anthem.

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